Dogs sniff out Covid with 94% accuracy.

Too much licorice can kill you. Read on…

Texas woman collects 1,622 lip balms for Guinness record

Muse Memes

Why you can get a hot dog and drink for 1.50 here. Shocking reveal…

How you feeling? Hot Hot Hot! Pepper Chips.

Shocking news about the NC State Fair in Raleigh. Watch this-

South Carolina State Fair is drive thru this year.

Edd Presnell Dulcimer maker from the NC Mountains.

How you would make a rocking chair if you went all in?

Fun way to raise money on a subway.

Would you hang on to balloons at 25,000 feet like David Blaine?

Candy chute designed for kids to have Halloween.

Muppets creator Jim Henson died after a visit with parents in Ahoskie North Carolina. Here’s how he first designed Kermit.

Street sign spelled wrong. Residents ain’t having it.

Guinness Records up to date.

At :30 he calls her ‘the little woman’. Kitchen use back in the day.

Gassy Gator wins Nobel Prize. You heard right…

Farewell to Forest Gump author- Carolina neighbor.

Are Carolina Vacation spots mailing your trash back to you?

Say Cheese.

Born In The Carolinas drink has added another

Serious about your health? Watch…

How to protect yourself from the flu starting now.

Who’s with me?

Perdido river floods on camera- Hurricane Sally aftermath…

What happens when a hawk sees a drone tryin to deliver your package? Let’s see…

Carolina Reaper. How he makes the world’s hottest pepper.

This rare, vibrant heirloom corn is the work of a Dust Bowl farmer with Carolina Cherokee roots

Columbia SC students at USC getting sick with Covid? Watch.

Duck Walk. Life is good.

Ios 14 is out. This is not an ad- just interesting.

Mountain Dew and Red Lobster unveil collaborative cocktail; Doomsday clock unchanged

Does Anybody Really Eat Pickle Loaf?

Monkey Steals Man’s Phone, Snaps Selfies

Carolina Panthers Announcers Paradox…

Breaking Muse!

Wow it’s a time capsule!

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