I’ve read nutrition blogs, Prevention Magazine, Dr Mercola, and many more health related blogs and magazines for over 20 years BUT have never heard this!

Licorice can kill you? OK. Let’s take a look-

The AP story says even a small amount of licorice can whack your minerals – salts like potassium, causing danger to your heart rhythm.

As little as 2 ounces of black licorice a day for a couple of weeks can cause heart issues especially if you’re over 40.

A construction worker in Massachusetts did just that. He switched from red to black licorice and in a few weeks his potassium was so low he died.
That’s what it says.

So here’s the scoop. There’s a chemical called glycyrrhizic acid regulated by the FDA— a food can have up to 3.1% of it as content. Past that and there’s trouble, potentially.

That’s what’s in licorice.

Why have I never heard this?

Take it with a grain of salt… or potassium. Not trying to be funny. It’s just ironic.

Don’t overdo licorice. Moderation is key. Now you know.

What? No Politics here? No.

Yes The Muse is aware of politics, but this is not the place.

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