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The Muse Update For The Carolinas

What a boring headline! Ha Ha- Click bait free that’s for sure. I often try a few headlines to snag glancers.

But this one will have to do this time. Honestly the headline DOES drag in more viewers so if you are a writer

take it from one who has been down this hook-em road for a long time. Sadly- it does work to bring in

more folks. And after all, that’s what we bloggers crave isn’t it? Rabid readers. Not really my style but it’s late. Let’s

go with it this once.

Check this story out- It’s a good one

Not only is that a great story. I just watched a smart video with Andrew Huberman explaining how having a gratitude practice is best when you watch or hear about someone else receiving a gift and experiencing a sense of gratitude. That actually enhances your OWN feelings and can release feel good happy sprinkles in you. Win- win.

Way Back Machine

When I was a kid- we spent many wonderful days on the Outer Banks. Of course dropping by the Lost Colony was a Summer ritual.

We’d memorize parts of the play which BTW- was the starting place of Andy Griffith’s career. He played Walter Raleigh- of course he did- did you think he was a bad guy?

We often camped at one of the many hot, sandy, bath-house smells like school paste but you get used to it, camp grounds. And loved it.

Tripped over a rock…

One year I had a broken foot with a cast up to me knee. Sand in the cast. You don’t want to know.

Long story short( er) The Lost Colony is a must see. After all these years they have it down to a science. Dancing, drama, comedy, and the smell of outdoor drama suntan lotion complete with sun-kissed faces and happy campers and tourists from literally all over the world.

Check out the video below for a great take on The Lost Colony. It’s done by the folks at Khan Academy. Plus I’ve got another one somewhere on this site. Just search and it will surface.

It’s that time again. The Lost Colony of North Carolina is an outdoor drama on Roanoke Island near Manteo NC. If you visit the coast of Carolina this summer- plan to stop by . There’s lots to see and do.

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Escaped pet ferret climbs into bed with surprised stranger

Did You Just Nose Me?

A ferret that escaped from his owner’s home in England was found early the next morning when he wandered into a stranger’s home and climbed into bed with a resident.

These lovely creatures are friendly and fun but imagine the weirdness of being groggy PLUS feeling a very real fur sock moving in your bed.

LOL! Is that? Could it be? Ah…hello.

Let’s pass this along and file it under – WOW! That’s was exhilarating!

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Breaking Muse!
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Bike rider goes 2,500 miles from Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Creek.

A cyclist raising money for Yemen relief said he rode exactly 69 miles per day to travel from Poo Poo Point in Washington state to Pee Pee Creek in Ohio.

Note- If you have ever studied memory tricks you’ll know these names are super easy to never forget.

It is the words and images that conjure up weird concepts that we remember best. Try it.

Picture a cyclist leaving a trail of  ick and that’s  how memory works best.

Yes it’s gross, it’s off putting, it’s unsettling. That’s why it works to give you a first memory. See, it’s not repetition that creates memory it’s first encounter.

When something hits you like a snowball to the face, you remember. That’s first encounter.

This one trick can be used for astonishing results.

to learn more visit Adam’s site here.

And go wash your hands.

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Does the ick of Covid 19 hang onto your clothes?

Is the Covid19 virus on my clothes?

A trip to the grocery store, standing at an ATM , a walk for exercise. Do you need to change clothes to get the potential virus off?

Here’s what the experts say-

For most everyday people you do not need to change clothes or take a shower when you’ve been out.

But always wash your hands.

If you are near a person who sneezes or is sick and exhaling the Covid virus most of the tiny microscopic droplets fall to the ground.

Some of them do linger in the air but they are so tiny they literally are swept up in the airstream.

That’s why you don’t want to breath them in. A Facemark will stop them at the entrance – your nose and mouth.

Safety glasses or goggles will stop the particles at your eyes.

Medical workers who wear face shields goggles and masks know this.

Expert says…

Linsey Marr is an aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech. “The droplets are so small they move with the air around your body and clothing.”

If you get sneezed on or a spit talker sprays you with mouth mist, go home and shower and change clothes.

The great outdoors!

Hanging your clothes outside also has a positive effect on clearing away any microbes.

One reason the outdoor tent clinics during pandemics have done well is attributed to the medicinal properties of fresh air and sunshine.

Stay safe.

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Finally- How To Properly Load A Dishwasher

Yes, this is serious. Loading a dishwasher is not for lightweights. It’s also not a big deal once you understand how. So pay attention. Thank me later. – The Muse.

I’m gonna write a few lines about loading dishwashers right here. Not that you need to read them but it helps to know you’re not the only one. This has been a deal breaker for decades. If people can agree on how to do this basic kitchen task, it can go a long way toward harmony in a household. I know. Life is hard.