Why all managers should be fired immediately.

Guy packs luggage on a plane. Big time.

Warning- young MLB hopeful tree stand hunting visited by black bear.

How this iconic rock t shirt sold for a whopping $17,000!

Warning: Rock star’s 20 year guitar tech dies of COVID. “Devastating.”

What everybody ought to know about Kanye’s name change.

The many faces of Madonna over the years.

5 ways to make $100 a day. Finally decent advice.

Adele and what’s his name Sheeran at odds? Ha!

The power of Carrie Underwood and football. Let’s go!

First look! Meteorite slams through roof – lands on woman’s pillow inches from her head.

Elk has a TIRE caught around its neck! Years long rescue.

State by state favorite Halloween candy. What’s yours?

Abba pop music’s biggest of all time is back-digitized.

Elon’s design process-5 steps.

CEO gives employees 70 k minimum wage. How it’s going.

Welcome here’s what we do here, it’s informal.

Doctor invents a hiccup-curing straw with a 90% success rate

Go back to 1962 in this Bell Telephone film from the Seattle World’s Fair

Watch: Cleaning stadium seats with a flamethrower

Watch: anti-vaccine crank tells public meeting that vaccines cause cutlery to stick to your head

Top 10 new baby names. Girls and boys.

Starlink internet from space. Elon’s new system.

Hey N Carolina- you can renew your drivers license online. How cool is that?

Shaq pays for a random guys ring in a jewelry store. Internet says yes.

Have you tried this way of boiling an egg? Pin hole method.

Garth Carolina date changed. We like Garth.

New high tech glasses let you see info like magic. Will you wear them?

Sad news – the guitarist who played the famous riff in Louie Louie.

Free Money. What happened when 125 citizens got $500 checks every month for 2 years? Watch-

Best Electric Car is a Chevy. Check this out.

Tom Cruise quick scene film in small town.

Would you play this guitar?

Muse podcast electric cars, plane crashes in town, stowaway, high tech glasses, casual talk.

New Pictures from MARS!

Top 5 work out songs will change your brain chemistry!

Niagra Falls Froze Over in 2021- Look!

1967 predicts future world. Inflatable furniture?

Harry & Meghan are pregnant- again. Here they are having story time with little Archie.

Mardi Gras like you’ve never seen it. Empty.

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