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By the end of this write up, Costco’s hot dog and soda combo will still be $1.50.

How can I be sure? Because a few years back the head guy at Costco received a message that said, hey we’re losing money on this hot dog- drink thing. And the head guy said. Figure it out, but don’t change the price.

So they went to work being resourceful, moved hotdog making in house and switched drink brands to the one born in The Carolina’s, Pepsi.

Result- The price stays the same. $1.50.

Are they still losing money on it? Maybe. But that’s not your problem.

So celebrate good times, enjoy a sit down at one of Costco’s over 700 locations. Your dog and drink will be $1.50 plus whatever tax and extra charges go with the other snacks you get.

You gotta love a mainstay since the 1980’s. I’ve been to Costco a hundred times and have eaten at the snack bar mucho grande.. It’s a nice way to round off a shopping trip before heading on back to the cattle drive.


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Actually The Muse doesn’t want a Nobel Prize. A Costco hot dog will be amazing. Keeping it down to earth.