Ever wondered how Amazon gets a package to you? Here is how it works. Plus the Kardashian gift the crew got.

Guy out surfing caught in a rip current. Survival priority. Taylor Swift 7th grade wrote about a special singer.

how chat gpt will effect jobs. Low wage, mid and high wage jobs not the same. Visual capitalist is a cool site.

Has anyone ever memorized the Bible? A guy in Durham, North Carolina has made dramatic progress toward it. He says you can too. Here’s how he does it.

Dr Roger Walsh has a breakthrough life balancing routine anyone can do. It is all natural and compares well or better than psych drugs.

Burt Bacharach was one of the most prolific pop songwriters ever. Remembered and highly respected here.

Top 5 Bible verses according to Crosswalk.com Familiar?

MerleFest happens each year in North Carolina. Here’s your chance to suggest performers. I sent in Doyle Dykes- possibly the best guitarist ever.