Top 5 Men’s gifts- New App destroys unwanted calls- Podcast

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Check out the top 5 gifts this year.

What to do with unwanted gifts?

Annoyance calls- how to obliterate.

Did you know there are about 30 million

Christmas trees sold in America?

Every year. Good morning.

Here we are, just about daylight.

We’re rolling on through. Yesterday I cut

my head off. Figuratively

speaking, with the camera couldn’t see my

head today. It doesn’t really matter that

much that you can see my head. It

just gives a better perspective for a

spokes model, which I am in the

role of at this particular time.

There about 30 million Christmas trees

sold coming up this week. They’ll all be

out on the curb. A lot of them will, but

there’s we’ve had a lot of progress in

the past 20 years.

Saving them, putting them in rivers.


You know, trying to help the ecology a

little bit. Hold on. I think the

scrolling thing done, there are actually

about 350 million live

Christmas trees being grown in

America, 30 million sold,

about 10% of the crop

sold each year. Cool.

A North American Christmas trees are

grown in every single state

of America. That’s really

startling. And Canada and

Canada. Every province in

Canada. Every state in America. I would

not have guessed that one. I would

have lost that on Wheel of Fortune.

That wouldn’t have. That’s not the way

they do. The questions of how fortune is

it? No, I didn’t know that works.

Here are the top five gifts for men

for Christmas. Top five

gifts for men Number one is the

smokest fire pit grill. It’s about


Smokeless Fire Pit Grill. Come on, buddy.

We got to get it.

2 Ultralight

foldable drone.

About it is about 400 and

5500 dollars.

The drug ultralight.

You see them more and more.


Thank you for the drone drone

photography. That’s a big

girl. It’s a big thing now. Drone

photographer, Huge.

3 Gift for men?Instant

Photo Printer $130.00 Cordless

Bluetooth. That’s a neat little device.

You take a picture with your camera. You

print the thing out. It’s beautiful.

And you can put the picture on your

refrigerator almost instantly, just like

that. That’s the number three gift for men

#4, the neck massager. You knew that was

going to be in there. Neck massage.

I’ll have the neck massage, please.

That’s around $50. Number

5, beef jerky.

No kidding. #5 gift for men. Beef jerky.

Assorted pack. It’s around $50.

Yeah, keep it away from the dog. I know

in today’s world you’ve got a Christmas

gift you don’t like. You can sell it on

Facebook or eBay. Not that big a deal.

You get a pair of gloves or something you

you know that don’t fit you. You don’t

like the color, you can sell them on

eBay. As new.

One pair of gloves that don’t fit.

They may fit you.

Highest bidder because the gloves were

free to you.

Anything you make off of them is clear

profit. That’s the way to go. Matter of

fact, you could, you know, make a living

just reselling your gifts on eBay.

Here’s a story from the New York Post.

Where the couple decided to cash it all

in and bio off.

Motorhome and just travel all over

America do their thing. They

got tired of that. They sold all that

the Hennessy’s and decided to live on

board a ship. Indefinitely.

So they booked a like a 270


and went for it. They love it

and they talk about the the benefits.

Yeah, they’ve traveled by ship.

Have you traveled to Australia, New

Zealand?Corners of the South Pacific.

They’re currently sailing around the

Dominican Republic, so said this article.

Their life is now more exciting and less

expensive. They now have a telephone

bill, a ship bill, and a few credit card

bills. For when we go

ashore and that’s it. Said the guy.

Anyway, they say they no longer have the

expense of a home and home insurance,

vehicle insurance, property insurance,

the list goes on. They like it on board

the ship.

It would be smart to, you know, figure

out whether or not you’d like being on a

ship before you did that. But yeah,

that’s a pretty good idea for a couple.

You know. And some of these ships are big

enough where you could get lost on them.

Pretty cool. Rite Aid

has been banned from using facial

recognition. For software,

they’ve been using it for 10 years or so.

A lot of people didn’t realize this.

Some of these companies have been using

facial recognition for security cameras

on and on and on.

And Rite Aid has now been banned from

using them because they were using them

and sort of targeting certain

kinds of people.

That’s interesting.

ABC Television Dick

Clark rocking New Year’s Eve.

Is coming up when.

December 31st, of course.

With Ryan’s secret, that’s the long name

now. ABC’s Dick Clarks.

Rocking New Year’s Eve?With RyanSeacrest.

They’re going to have who’s who the bands

are going to have on Let’s see, K Pop

Group, New Jeans Post Malone Will Rock

the stage from Vegas.

Balmy Caribbean Ivy Queens

Reggaeton. Will through

your fans. Plus they’re going to announce

some more people. There’s an app now if

you get a mystery phone call.

It is called trap call.

You get a phone call you’re not sure of.

Trap call. Who you going

to call? Trap Call? Yeah, we’re just

going to finish this program up, wrap it

up for Christmas Spectacular, my rolling

podcast. This is one of the last ones of

the year. Like to remind you. Thank you

for joining us. Walk the Walk. We’ll

talk to you next time. Take care.