Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Creek revisited.

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Wanted to bring you up to date on the serious things that are happening in the world.

This bike rider- bicyclist has gone 2500 miles from point A poo poo point to point B…

Or should I say point P?

PP Creek?

Yeah, that’s just a little bit of sense of humor. Just a little humor.

This is the person got on a bike rode 2500 miles to get to the place with kind of a different name. Not the kind of thing you hear every day poopoo point actually, he got to pee pee Creek from poo poo point.

There’s a video about it.

Why would somebody name it pee pee Creek?

Well, there was a settler back in the day, who went over to a tree carved his initials in the tree and his initials happened to be PP.

So they just called it that is a little bit funny. All right, let’s meet the rider on this mission. Fella by the name of Ruby drummer. That’s what he calls himself on Twitter.

Well, the whole excursion went from poopoo point to PP Creek. It’s about a month long bike ride from out west and Washington state all the way back he’s to Ohio.

Here’s the question I’m thinking, how long does it take to get there? Well, if you were to take that trip by car, it would be about 36 hours, which is what about a day and a half? But really about three days unless you stop and sleep somewhere.

The bike trip took 36 days which is over a month. And that’s averaging 65 miles per day. I think he did actually 69 miles a day. So yeah, close to 70 which is really good… that’s really booking it when you’re on a bike.

And when he got there Ruby drummer, put out a tweet that said he cried. He said bro, started crying tears of joy, and then started laughing because I was crying over a place called peepee Creek.

If you’re a geography enthusiast if you like geography, the starting point is on West Tiger Mountain. If you want to find out on a map in Washington State.

Here’s a picture of the bicycle, some of the equipment, nice bike, low handlebars, waterbottle. loaded up and ready to roll and I imagined he had a backpack.

Okay, here’s the big question. Why is the name poopoo point?

Well, that comes from the sound that was made by a steam whistle. Back in the day when that area was a logging business right?

The creek name. Of course, as we just said, less exciting came from the initials of a settler who carved in a tree a Ruby drummer was asked why do you do it?

And here’s his reason pretty good to draw attention to an issue in Yemen.

The largest humanitarian crisis in the world, according to UNICEF, they’ve got shortages of water shortages have plenty of food to eat, and health care in Yemen.

And all of that is coming from you know this ongoing civil unrest and of course the pandemic made things even worse. So donations are still being accepted. If you want to look into that and so is a good sense of humor and that’s what we try to do here I’ll Carolina musings with the Muse update cycle is raising money for Yemen and relief .