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The Muse Update For The Carolinas

What a boring headline! Ha Ha- Click bait free that’s for sure. I often try a few headlines to snag glancers.

But this one will have to do this time. Honestly the headline DOES drag in more viewers so if you are a writer

take it from one who has been down this hook-em road for a long time. Sadly- it does work to bring in

more folks. And after all, that’s what we bloggers crave isn’t it? Rabid readers. Not really my style but it’s late. Let’s

go with it this once.

Check this story out- It’s a good one

Not only is that a great story. I just watched a smart video with Andrew Huberman explaining how having a gratitude practice is best when you watch or hear about someone else receiving a gift and experiencing a sense of gratitude. That actually enhances your OWN feelings and can release feel good happy sprinkles in you. Win- win.

Way Back Machine

When I was a kid- we spent many wonderful days on the Outer Banks. Of course dropping by the Lost Colony was a Summer ritual.

We’d memorize parts of the play which BTW- was the starting place of Andy Griffith’s career. He played Walter Raleigh- of course he did- did you think he was a bad guy?

We often camped at one of the many hot, sandy, bath-house smells like school paste but you get used to it, camp grounds. And loved it.

Tripped over a rock…

One year I had a broken foot with a cast up to me knee. Sand in the cast. You don’t want to know.

Long story short( er) The Lost Colony is a must see. After all these years they have it down to a science. Dancing, drama, comedy, and the smell of outdoor drama suntan lotion complete with sun-kissed faces and happy campers and tourists from literally all over the world.

Check out the video below for a great take on The Lost Colony. It’s done by the folks at Khan Academy. Plus I’ve got another one somewhere on this site. Just search and it will surface.

It’s that time again. The Lost Colony of North Carolina is an outdoor drama on Roanoke Island near Manteo NC. If you visit the coast of Carolina this summer- plan to stop by . There’s lots to see and do.

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Tim Hawkins On Tour? Talent to spare.

This guy is seriously talented and has put together material that flat out slays audiences.

Tim Hawkins can do standup with the best of them.

When he picks up a guitar his chops are a good as a Nashville pro.

Then he launches into a vocal range that rivals 95% of mainstream singers.

But watch the videos – you won’t be entertained by my description. There are plenty of videos. Like this one

Showcasing Tim’s huge range here’s a compilation of different performances.

Tim Hawkins website

Is Tim Hawkins on tour? Check his website for schedules and other appearances you can watch or attend.

This talented entertainer also has a podcast. Access it through his website.

Hawkins performs with the hope that he meet two main criteria. Good Comedy. And family values. A truly funny show that entertains the entire family. Is that possible? Hawkins thinks so. 100 million views on YouTube, 120 plus sold out shows each year, and a following of 630 thousand plus Facebook fans, he is really onto something special. But his audiences have know that for years.

Is Tim Hawkins on tour? Check his site for updates.

We wish all the best for this excellent entertainer.

The Carolinas are known for great music. Check this out.

Carolina Musings
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The first song from Britain to reach number 1 in America was this one.

Stranger On The Shore was used in a TV show of the same name. The song was originally titled Jenny for Mr Acker Bilk’s daughter.

It’s the biggest selling instrumental of all time.

This song was on board Apollo 10 in May 1969. Astronaut Gene Cernan included it on a cassette tape played in the command module.

Stranger on the Shore was the first British song to reach number 1 on the US charts.

Followed by Telstar by the Tornados shortly after. Then came a slew of Beatles songs.

Words were added and the song was recorded by Andy Williams and The Drifters, their version reached number 19.

Acker Bilk played on 3 Van Morrison Albums.

He considered Stranger to be his big moment. Bilk died in 2012 in Bath, England.

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Watch Video – They Made It! Wild Ocracoke NC Horses.

The Wild Ponies of Ocracoke Island North Carolina

These ponies or horses— are fenced in mostly and there are plenty of ways for you see them. The park service has information displayed so you can find out all about the ponies as you sightsee the island.

There are rangers that keep an eye on the ponies, checking in to see about hay and food supply.

These ponies look a bit different than the more mainstream horse you see. And since they have the name of Spanish Mustangs a lot of folks expect to see big towering beasts trotting along or running in the wind along the coastline. But it’s more laid back than that usually.

These horses are small.. not miniature but smaller than regular horses. They seem happy to spend all their time just grazing or hanging out in the area. Over the years the ponies have obviously adapted to their surroundings.

They are mostly solid brown in color with a few darker spots and they all have a unique look, some larger ponies and some smaller.

I always noticed as a kid visiting Ocracoke the bone structure in their back side was sharper and more pronounced.

If you’re driving along Hiway 12 the way to see the ponies is to stop at the pony pen and enjoy watching these horses— and you will be visiting with Ocracoke’s oldest residents.

A very special part of this fantastic place that nature has made.