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Finally- instant guitar, no kidding. Chord Buddy.

Marty Schwartz is my favorite guitar guy so I picked him to show how the Chord Buddy works

He didn’t invent it but Marty shows how it works better than anyone I’ve sen.

The Chord Buddy turns a guitar into an autoharp. It is an ingenious device that clamps on the neck and suddenly all you have to do is strum and press a button to make a chord.

image Lorri Lang

The buttons are logical so the sequence plays a pattern that makes many songs.

Like C F G chords. You can play all day with these chords. Almost any folk song, most country songs, a lot of rock and pop.

That means you’re playing TODAY.

As you get the hang of strumming and feeling as one with your instrument ( don’t laugh- it needs to happen) you can gradually replace the Chord Buddy with your own fingering.

This is a fantastic way to start playing guitar.

It allows you to feel the joy of music and that is 95% of learning to lay. When you can feel it deep down you fall in love with it and that keeps you playing.

I have seen a hundred people walk away from guitar because it is not easy to stick with it, to trudge through the hours and hours of grueling work to get to your happy place of playing and feeling accomplished.

That is super important. As a guitar teacher I think it is at the top.

This will help you get there quickly.

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Why a bandana WILL work as a Coronavirus mask.

Turns out the heavy duty surgical mask works really well

and the others but do help some and SOME is enough if that’s all you’ve got.

The Southern Research Institute, Birmingham, Alabama did a study of facemasks using

a bandana,

a regular squarish layered drugstore mask,

a round one that looks a bit like a coffee filter

and the N95 surgical version.

The N95 worked 95% and the others 35%. Big difference.

But– wait a minute. Ask yourself some obvious questions.

Do they really know everything about this?

Would you rather get a small dose or a full dose of poison?

If you have allergies that make being sick worse, would you rather also

skip the pollen that causes allergies using a bandana? Of course you would!

This study involved dust storm conditions and aeresol spray so the actual environments are not daily life on the street or subway. But they did create harsh wind and spray to get these findings.

DON’T RISK IT! Make a mask if you have to. Wear a mask.

And think about it. double thickness, close, tight edges are better.

Figure 5 is the good one.

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Remember when watermelons were full of seeds? What happened?

A few decades ago this tasty treat was full of seeds. Big dark slippery seeds. When you cut open a watermelon you expected a lot of seeds. Today most of the seeds are gone. What happened?

This seedless thing started in about 1990.

If you think about it, the purpose of a plant is produce seeds so it can reproduce. So what gives with these seedless melons?

Turns out they are kinda like mules. Sexless plants.

Watermelon plants are Diploid. They, like us, have 2 sets of chromosomes. Packages of DNA – instructions for life.

Seedless watermelons are Triploid. They have 3 sets of chromosomes. The odd number (3) makes them sexless, so they are sterile and cannot produce other melons. This happens by mating a diploid male with a Tetraploid female ( 4 sets of chromosomes.)

This process requires adding a chemical that creates the desired effect. It takes a lot of effort to get the desired seedless watermelons. They are actually fooling Mother Nature in a way. Seedless are smaller and said to be sweeter.

Worth it? You decide.

I love a regular old watermelon. I’ll deal with the seeds.

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How I started my Coastal Carolina marketing firm while traveling.

Media and marketing experience comes one bit at a time. Learned over decades it serves a person well.

From producing a sports talk show from New York City to voicing and producing radio and TV promotions.

My travels have taken me to Europe, Mexico, Canada, and many US cities.

Web work has included editing, writing, SEO, marketing, producing, and musical projects.

Traveling is a natural in today’s world. With the ability to do work from the road comes the ability to operate a business from various locations.

I have done just that over the past 20 years.

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10 Ways I maintain a healthy Carolina life working remotely?

  1. Shop for food at grocery stores.

2. Walk at airports, parks, cities.

3. Meditate in open churches. St Patricks Cathedral in New Your City is a favorite.

4. Keep a schedule. Down time, up time.

5. Be consistent with all habits.

6. Exercise in a variety of ways.

7. Have a backup plan. Keep copies of your important documents with a relative.

Have a cell phone plan that is flexible. Be ready to switch phones if needed. Go to a cheap temporary phone if needed. But always be able to communicate with others. Thaat’s a high priority.

8. Get plenty of quality rest. Well rested makes a big difference.

9.Be a healthy opportunist. Take a bus part way and walk the rest. In a dangerous looking area, take a cab or Uber even just a few blocks.

10. Celebrate your victories. Daily.  Learn from things that didnn’t work.