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Sandy and Danny from Grease reunite after all these years! Carolina Viewpoint-

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta are together again in their iconic Grease costumes for the first time since they appeared in their 1978 film.

Olivia appeared in a pleated yellow skirt and cardigan with a white shirt underneath, mirroring one of her standout looks from the film.

She was 29 when she filmed the movie.

Clad in a leather jacket, the actress donned a pair of form-fitting leather leggings and a complementing silk camisole.

John Travolta wears a hairpiece and outfit to match Olivia’s for the photo op.

Grease is the word.

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North and South Carolina food- Is this also your favorite sandwich?

Summer is over but you can still LOVE a perfect tomato sandwich.

There is nothing like lingering with the taste of a great summer tomato

with mayo sandwich. Salt and pepper? Ummm.

We like good eats and this summer treat is one of the best.

Do you love a delicious tomato sandwich? Go ahead. Celebrate Summer one last time.

We won’t tell. Ha. We’ll join you!