Bear Attack In Montana! 5 close encounters with wooly bully.

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So many people have come in contact with these animals in national parks and in the wild. These big lumbering picnic loving beasts are a part of daily happenings all around the world.

A bear attack in Montana recently left a man fighting for his life. Another bear attack in Yellowstone was cited as an accident of circumstances.

The overgrown cubby mauled a back country guide and then got after investigators of the incident. A different bear attack at Yellowstone killed a hiker in March 2022. Authorities said it was the result of a rare grizzly encounter.

Beast In The Hole

This unsuspecting lady went to the outhouse in a remote Alaskan area. Little did she know a wooly bully was in the hole! No kidding. This has comical overtones but could have been a fatal encounter. Check out the video for the Grizzly bare ( attack story.

The animal bit her rear end! But it worked out OK. She was injured but recovered. The hairy wild forager got away.

We don’t want to see a headline that reads Grizzly Bear attack in Yellowstone or anywhere else.

What would you do if this happened to you?

bear attack in Montana
Grizzly bear attack in Montana