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Too much licorice can kill you. Read on…

I’ve read nutrition blogs, Prevention Magazine, Dr Mercola, and many more health related blogs and magazines for over 20 years BUT have never heard this!

Licorice can kill you? OK. Let’s take a look-

The AP story says even a small amount of licorice can whack your minerals – salts like potassium, causing danger to your heart rhythm.

As little as 2 ounces of black licorice a day for a couple of weeks can cause heart issues especially if you’re over 40.

A construction worker in Massachusetts did just that. He switched from red to black licorice and in a few weeks his potassium was so low he died.
That’s what it says.

So here’s the scoop. There’s a chemical called glycyrrhizic acid regulated by the FDA— a food can have up to 3.1% of it as content. Past that and there’s trouble, potentially.

That’s what’s in licorice.

Why have I never heard this?

Take it with a grain of salt… or potassium. Not trying to be funny. It’s just ironic.

Don’t overdo licorice. Moderation is key. Now you know.

What? No Politics here? No.

Yes The Muse is aware of politics, but this is not the place.

We do fun, light, weird. Enjoy!

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Texas woman collects 1,622 lip balms for Guinness record

A Texas woman was awarded a Guinness World Record when she amassed a collection of 1,622 different varieties of lip balm.

This is one for the record books. Plus she displayed them i a way that is easy to see and admire.

Chapped lips are a thing of the past with these lip smaking flavored balms.

She will have plenty to spare over the coming years.

Lip balms. Collectors items. Would you have thought to do this for a Guinness record?

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Why you can get a hot dog and drink for 1.50 here. Shocking reveal…

This is NOT a paid ad.

By the end of this write up, Costco’s hot dog and soda combo will still be $1.50.

How can I be sure? Because a few years back the head guy at Costco received a message that said, hey we’re losing money on this hot dog- drink thing. And the head guy said. Figure it out, but don’t change the price.

So they went to work being resourceful, moved hotdog making in house and switched drink brands to the one born in The Carolina’s, Pepsi.

Result- The price stays the same. $1.50.

Are they still losing money on it? Maybe. But that’s not your problem.

So celebrate good times, enjoy a sit down at one of Costco’s over 700 locations. Your dog and drink will be $1.50 plus whatever tax and extra charges go with the other snacks you get.

You gotta love a mainstay since the 1980’s. I’ve been to Costco a hundred times and have eaten at the snack bar mucho grande.. It’s a nice way to round off a shopping trip before heading on back to the cattle drive.


There are plenty of other Nobel Prize nominee wannabe articles on Carolina Musings. So keep scrolling and find some tidbits.

Actually The Muse doesn’t want a Nobel Prize. A Costco hot dog will be amazing. Keeping it down to earth.

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How you feeling? Hot Hot Hot! Pepper Chips.

It’s been compared to being pepper sprayed right in the mouth.

Paqui Chips.

First there was the success of the Madness One a Carolina Reaper ( hot pepper) chip.

This new chip is sold one per customer. That’s right you just get one.

Paqui includes Carolina Reaper pepper on its chip. The Reaper is considered the worlds hottest pepper. But this aqua also includes some Scorpion Pepper plus Sichuan Peppercorns just because.

The chip is sold in a coffin shaped box. And it’s super hot. A flame thrower of a chip.

People who eat peppers this hot can respond with actual medical symptoms. Care is advised.

He’s a video from days gone by but it includes what you might expect from the Paqui Chip.

Scroll for our story on the Carolina Reaper here in Carolina Musings.

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Shocking news about the NC State Fair in Raleigh. Watch this-

The State Fair has drawn in 18 million people over the last decade and has not been cancelled since World War Two.

“To say the year 2020 has been a disappointment is a clear understatement.”

The fair is the biggest annual event in the state. Over just the past ten years, nearly 18 million people have attended the North Carolina State Fair. In five of those years, the event brought more than a million people to the fairgrounds

Large crowds like that are the sort of thing health experts say allows the virus to spread.

Muse on fair muser. Let’s scroll to better times like David Blaine riding balloons up to about 25 thousand feet. What? It happened. Keep scrolling…