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Finally- How To Properly Load A Dishwasher

Yes, this is serious. Loading a dishwasher is not for lightweights. It’s also not a big deal once you understand how. So pay attention. Thank me later. – The Muse.

I’m gonna write a few lines about loading dishwashers right here. Not that you need to read them but it helps to know you’re not the only one. This has been a deal breaker for decades. If people can agree on how to do this basic kitchen task, it can go a long way toward harmony in a household. I know. Life is hard.

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Is there anything this performer can’t do? Talent to spare.

This guy is seriously talented and has put together material that flat out slays audiences.

Tim Hawkins can do standup with the best of them.

When he picks up a guitar his chops are a good as a Nashville pro.

Then he launches into a vocal range that rivals 95% of mainstream singers.

But watch the videos – you won’t be entertained by my description. There are plenty of videos. Like this one

Showcasing Tim’s huge range here’s a compilation of different performances.

Tim Hawkins website

The Carolinas are known for great music. Check this out.