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Cars are banned in this North Carolina town.

The roads in Love Valley, North Carolina are actually trails.

They are not streets, they are not lanes and for good reason

Cars are not allowed in Love Valley.

The tiny town of Love Valley was founded in 1954 by a man who had two ideas.

1- He wanted to live in a Christian community and

2 -he wanted to be a cowboy.

His name was Andy Barker and before his death in 2011 he moved to the mountains to make his dream come true.

Barker did not imagine building a theme park with tourists at all.

He simply wanted a certain lifestyle but today his tiny town of love Valley invites tourists from all over.

The town was incorporated in 1963 and Barker’s Father was named Mayor.

If you want to go somewhere in Love Valley you will need to walk, ride a bike, or hop on a horse. No cars allowed, even today.