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How I started my Coastal Carolina marketing firm while traveling.

Media and marketing experience comes one bit at a time. Learned over decades it serves a person well.

From producing a sports talk show from New York City to voicing and producing radio and TV promotions.

My travels have taken me to Europe, Mexico, Canada, and many US cities.

Web work has included editing, writing, SEO, marketing, producing, and musical projects.

Traveling is a natural in today’s world. With the ability to do work from the road comes the ability to operate a business from various locations.

I have done just that over the past 20 years.

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10 Ways I maintain a healthy Carolina life working remotely?

  1. Shop for food at grocery stores.

2. Walk at airports, parks, cities.

3. Meditate in open churches. St Patricks Cathedral in New Your City is a favorite.

4. Keep a schedule. Down time, up time.

5. Be consistent with all habits.

6. Exercise in a variety of ways.

7. Have a backup plan. Keep copies of your important documents with a relative.

Have a cell phone plan that is flexible. Be ready to switch phones if needed. Go to a cheap temporary phone if needed. But always be able to communicate with others. Thaat’s a high priority.

8. Get plenty of quality rest. Well rested makes a big difference.

9.Be a healthy opportunist. Take a bus part way and walk the rest. In a dangerous looking area, take a cab or Uber even just a few blocks.

10. Celebrate your victories. Daily.  Learn from things that didnn’t work.

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Podcast: How to start vlogging?

Just take a quick video. That’s it. You started. Do this daily. Think of a topic to explore and develope a mental outline then follow through.

Example. Visit an ice cream shop once a week as a treat AND as a vlog.

Add as you go. Like this post. ( more later)

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YouTube videos are changing journalism

Better put- YT has gutted traditional journalism. Let’s face it. Communication has changed. Citizen journalists are the new norm. Facebook has given each of us an endless array of tools so we can be in touch with the entire world in seconds. YouTube has done the same.Twitter, IG and other forms are right in there, too.

Journalism is the process of over-viewing a situation or process. If you choose to be thorough and use a strong sense of responsibility to all sources, you can be a respected journalist.