What’s your personal story plot line? There are Seven.

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Every story has one of these plot lines.

See if you can think of a movie or book that matches one of the following-

Monster looming



Voyage and return ( stranger in a strange land)


Rags to Riches


It’s hard to UN see these once you know they are a thing.

Here are a few examples of how they work.

Monster – A hurricane or the Coronavirus

Tragedy- Loss such as the death of a child or loved one – Kobe and his daughter

Comedy- ( clarity from chaos ) Doesn’t have to be funny. Forensic Files.

Voyage and return- Lonely Planet, Survivor shows

Quest- Superbowl, sports, Indiana Jones

Rags to Riches- Most Country Music stars such as Dolly Parton

Rebirth- Before and after weight loss, fitness, religious conversions, addiction recovery

Why does this matter?

Intelligence has a lot to do with pattern recognition. These patterns reveal how people react in various situations.

Do you know someone who tends to post tragic news on their social media?

That’s the Tragedy plot line.

That person might not be following a Tragedy plot in daily life but these clues will help you understand what they are about.

Of course they could well be living a Tragedy plot.

Most people I know live by one of these plots in their daily lives.

A songwriter in Nashville has a Quest to get a hit.

A friend is overcoming addiction via Rebirth getting a fresh start.

A friend is over seas on a Voyage and will return in a year or so after learning new customs and teaching others.

and so on…

What’s your story?

My personal plot is Comedy.

For example – I spend a lot of time figuring out how things work.

Finding clarity from chaos.

And I have a very active sense of humor which is a way of pointing out clear rational conclusions from what might look like chaos. Much like a standup comic does.

The news media has a very strong bias toward a looming Monster.

Some force of evil out there coming to get us is usually a big story in the news. Right now it’s the Coronavirus.

Identifying a plot line doesn’t mean it’s not true or a real thing.

But once you see these and get use to identifying them, it becomes something fascinating to look for.

image- Hudson Crafted

I recall my early days in Country Music radio hearing so many of the artists telling a very similar Rags to Riches story.

They all seemed to have a narrative that included

being raised on a poor farm,

getting a big break,

having a hit,

making money,

and like Dottie West, getting a fountain filled with Coca Cola.

Or the Elvis story.

See the pattern?

Interesting that Johnny Cash seemed to have a plot line of Rebirth after his Rags to Riches story.

image- Tumisu

When you figure out your personal plot line. You can enjoy it or change it.

A friend of mine has a Tragedy plot line. I hope it gets changed soon so they can start to enjoy life more.