Blogger Tim Ferriss asked Dom D’Agostina that question. Here’s the 5 step brief.

1- Get your keytones up by eating a ketogenic diet. More ketosis means more tumor suppression. ( low carb) Plus this helps with the negative symptoms caused by chemotherapy.

2- Fasting. The quickest way to ketosis is fasting plus it promotes autophagy the body’s natural filter of good cells vs bad cells. Fast during the day, eat keto in the evenings.

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3- Take supplemental exogenous ketones 3 or 4 times a day. MCT oil and cold pressed coconut oil. Higher levels of ketones improves feeling of well being and actually improves the body’s ability to supress tumors.

4- Take Metformin ( prescription )- It improves livers ability to suppress glucose ( which is thought to feed cancer).

5- Take something called Dichloroacetate. It’s not fully understood but causes cancer cells to die. At high levels it damages nerves so don’t do it unsupervised.

Dom’s first suggestion is to follow your doctors advice regarding treatment including chemo.

The core prevention is fasting and ketosis.

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Editors note- Many arguments abound so do your research and you decide.