( from live talk)

Text is from a live talk-

I watch the show  unboxing therapy which is really good.  

Well done show and the other day he did the iPhone and did you know there’s an iPhone is $2,800 yes yeah this is a bejeweled special casing is got special engraving all over it and it’s even got jewelry embedded into it. 

You want an iPhone that cost $2,800.  it also goes up to $3,200 there’s one for 3200.

 iPhone these are special you know anytime you got a  Big Ticket item they’re going to do a special Elite version and that’s what they’ve done with the iPhone so that’s really  amazing and then there’s the watch 

who wears a watch these days  .do you wear a watch 

I haven’t worn a watch it over 20 years cuz you got stuff to tell you what time it is everywhere it’s all over the place you got an iPad iPhone Android phones you’ve got clocked you. 

TV you turn on you look at anything in the time is there so unless the thing is a phone or you know it’s like a James Bond remember that watching he pulled the string out of and it saved his life …Save the Day and blew something up but the young people still wear watches and this time of year you see them for sale all over the place.

Special watches that maybe like the the iWatch way call it a Mac with Apple watch yeah