The Wild Ponies of Ocracoke Island North Carolina

These ponies or horses— are fenced in mostly and there are plenty of ways for you see them. The park service has information displayed so you can find out all about the ponies as you sightsee the island.

There are rangers that keep an eye on the ponies, checking in to see about hay and food supply.

These ponies look a bit different than the more mainstream horse you see. And since they have the name of Spanish Mustangs a lot of folks expect to see big towering beasts trotting along or running in the wind along the coastline. But it’s more laid back than that usually.

These horses are small.. not miniature but smaller than regular horses. They seem happy to spend all their time just grazing or hanging out in the area. Over the years the ponies have obviously adapted to their surroundings.

They are mostly solid brown in color with a few darker spots and they all have a unique look, some larger ponies and some smaller.

I always noticed as a kid visiting Ocracoke the bone structure in their back side was sharper and more pronounced.

If you’re driving along Hiway 12 the way to see the ponies is to stop at the pony pen and enjoy watching these horses— and you will be visiting with Ocracoke’s oldest residents.

A very special part of this fantastic place that nature has made.