Check out the Carolina Motorsports Park reference below

It’s time once again for the North Carolina State Fair opening October 13th through 23rd.

You can expect a whole lot of rides, food vendors from across North Carolina, unusual and usual food like ham biscuits and cotton candy, and just a lot of fun in general.

The North Carolina State Fair cost 10-13 for adults 0 to $7 for kids.

Save on Tickets

You can get your tickets in advance and save a couple of bucks.

Kids ages five and younger are always free and of course there are military discounts and special prices for seniors and groups.

Most of these discounted tickets do not include any rides. You can buy your ride tickets at the little booths outside the ride.

Clear Bags -Quick check in

Off track but interesting- Carolina Motorsports Park would be a great place to see this

Back at the Fair-

If you want to go through security a little faster you can put your things in a clear bag so the things that you have in the bag are visible and you don’t have to dump them out on the tray.

The North Carolina State Fair is off Blue ridge road at the North Carolina State fairgrounds everybody has a wonderful time it’s a great place to meet friends family or meet new people, see the livestock all the animals, the flower shows, the landscaping, the exotic scenes the rides and of course the food all at the North Carolina State Fair! Enjoy!