Pinball in South Carolina is against the law if you’re under 18. Guess what else…

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Some of these laws are enough to make you want to punch a wall.

A North Carolina woman was charged for sheltering and protecting dogs from a bad storm.

There are other outrageous laws like these…

John Stossel makes a good case for not making a case over simple things.

from his full article HERE

“Everyone has this idea from ‘Schoolhouse Rock’,” says Mangual, “that a law gets made in a particular way (but) that’s not how it works in practice. At the federal level, 98% of criminal laws are not passed by elected representatives. They are created by unelected bureaucrats who don’t have to answer to anyone.”

Established businesses manipulate those bureaucrats into passing rules that squash new competition.”

Good grief. You can’t make this stuff up.