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10 Ways I maintain a healthy Carolina life working remotely?

  1. Shop for food at grocery stores.

2. Walk at airports, parks, cities.

3. Meditate in open churches. St Patricks Cathedral in New Your City is a favorite.

4. Keep a schedule. Down time, up time.

5. Be consistent with all habits.

6. Exercise in a variety of ways.

7. Have a backup plan. Keep copies of your important documents with a relative.

Have a cell phone plan that is flexible. Be ready to switch phones if needed. Go to a cheap temporary phone if needed. But always be able to communicate with others. Thaat’s a high priority.

8. Get plenty of quality rest. Well rested makes a big difference.

9.Be a healthy opportunist. Take a bus part way and walk the rest. In a dangerous looking area, take a cab or Uber even just a few blocks.

10. Celebrate your victories. Daily.  Learn from things that didnn’t work.