Marty Schwartz is my favorite guitar guy so I picked him to show how the Chord Buddy works

He didn’t invent it but Marty shows how it works better than anyone I’ve sen.

The Chord Buddy turns a guitar into an autoharp. It is an ingenious device that clamps on the neck and suddenly all you have to do is strum and press a button to make a chord.

image Lorri Lang

The buttons are logical so the sequence plays a pattern that makes many songs.

Like C F G chords. You can play all day with these chords. Almost any folk song, most country songs, a lot of rock and pop.

That means you’re playing TODAY.

As you get the hang of strumming and feeling as one with your instrument ( don’t laugh- it needs to happen) you can gradually replace the Chord Buddy with your own fingering.

This is a fantastic way to start playing guitar.

It allows you to feel the joy of music and that is 95% of learning to lay. When you can feel it deep down you fall in love with it and that keeps you playing.

I have seen a hundred people walk away from guitar because it is not easy to stick with it, to trudge through the hours and hours of grueling work to get to your happy place of playing and feeling accomplished.

That is super important. As a guitar teacher I think it is at the top.

This will help you get there quickly.