Does the ick of Covid 19 hang onto your clothes?

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Is the Covid19 virus on my clothes?

A trip to the grocery store, standing at an ATM , a walk for exercise. Do you need to change clothes to get the potential virus off?

Here’s what the experts say-

For most everyday people you do not need to change clothes or take a shower when you’ve been out.

But always wash your hands.

If you are near a person who sneezes or is sick and exhaling the Covid virus most of the tiny microscopic droplets fall to the ground.

Some of them do linger in the air but they are so tiny they literally are swept up in the airstream.

That’s why you don’t want to breath them in. A Facemark will stop them at the entrance – your nose and mouth.

Safety glasses or goggles will stop the particles at your eyes.

Medical workers who wear face shields goggles and masks know this.

Expert says…

Linsey Marr is an aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech. “The droplets are so small they move with the air around your body and clothing.”

If you get sneezed on or a spit talker sprays you with mouth mist, go home and shower and change clothes.

The great outdoors!

Hanging your clothes outside also has a positive effect on clearing away any microbes.

One reason the outdoor tent clinics during pandemics have done well is attributed to the medicinal properties of fresh air and sunshine.

Stay safe.