The guy rode his bike over 2,500 miles to get to a destination with an eyebrow raising name – From Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Creek.

Why is it called Pee Pee Creek?

A settler carved his initials, P P,  in a tree near the creek.

 OK yea, it’s kinda funny.

Who is this biker on a mission?

@rubydrummr is the Twitter handle. The whole trip wound from Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Creek,  a nice, month long bike ride from out west in Washington to back East in Ohio.

How long does it take to get from Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Island?

By car the trip takes 36 hours. The bike the trip took 36 days traveling an average of 65 miles per day.

The excursion took just over a month and he logged close to 70 miles a day.

Upon arrival RubyDrummr tweeted that he cried. In his words-

“Bro I started crying tears of joy and then started laughing my ass off about crying over PP Creek,”

For geo enthusiasts the starting ‘point’ is on West Tiger Mountain in Washington.

pee pee creek to poo poo point

Why is it named Poo Poo Point? The name comes from the sound made by a steam whistle from years gone by when it was a logging area.

Pee Pee Creek to Poo Poo Point

The creek name has a less exciting origin.  A settler carved his initials in a tree – P.P.  

rubydrummr was asked why he did such a feat of bike riding?

pee pee creek to poo poo point

To draw attention to an issue in Yemen, the largest humanitarian crisis in the world according to UNICEF at the time. Shortages of food, water, and healthcare, all resulting from civil unrest. The pandemic made it worse. Donations are ongoing.

So is humor. Both are encouraged here at Muse Update.

Cyclist raising money for Yemen relief said he rode exactly 69 miles per day to travel from Poo Peuax Point to PP Creek – from Washington to Ohio. Or was it P P Creek to Poo Peaux Point? ( shout out to our New Orleans friends)

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