Dude. Bro. Brah. This was the biggest story of 2022 for a week anyway.

Chris Rock took one for the team and Will Smith got all kinds of finger wagging aimed at him.

You know all this. So I’m just fluffing the pillows at this point. You’re welcome.

And one of the reasons we’re doing this is that Chris Rock a lot of people don’t realize is a friend that’s right from South Carolina.

Chris Rock

made a joke at the Oscars on Sunday night about Jada Pinkett Smith. She has a condition and immune I guess you’d call it a disorder called alopecia where she doesn’t have hair including eyebrows and other body hair and of course she has a buzz cut and he made a joke about the GI Jane character who also had a buzz cut if you remember Demi Moore played that part in the Navy SEAL training movie.

That was it and it offended Will Smith -and there’s our dancing queen -and I he got up on stage and smacked Chris in the face and that was it that was the joke and that’s what a lot of people don’t understand why he didn’t like it is because the alopecia it’s a genetic issue people’s genes or genetics short people or whatever.

That’s the story now we’re all up to date. Maybe. LOL!