Carolina Taco Place is Top in The US

What you’re looking at here on Carolina musings is a picture of this fantastic place in Columbia, South Carolina, which is where we report one of the places here in the Carolinas is voted.

South Carolina toco place tops among the best in the United States.

Carolina taco place tops

According to Yelp, yeah. Okay, let’s give credit where it’s due. Simone Jasper wrote this article for the state paper.

Okay, this is Carolina Musings, ( in town crier voice) “hear ye hear- we have breaking muse”.

South Carolina’s restaurant is dishing out some of the best tacos.

In the nation. New rankings show here’s the name of the place. tacos in the year at Mexican Grill, and Columbia land at the top 100 Taco spot in the United States in all of America.

It’s really cool. According to Yelp, yeah, well that we just kind of throw those in those hats are fun.

Carolina Taco Place Tops

But look, picture the taco on Instagram. Hope you have a great day and we will talk to you next time.

Story from The State