Why all managers should be fired immediately.

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1- They just don’t get it. Managers have no idea what it took for you to get to work. 

When they see you they say— I’ll let you get settled. – No— don’t ‘let’ me do anything you domineering olf. You manage the office not me AH. 

2- You human troglodyte. You didn’t plan on people taking vacations so you now need me to work a weird schedule to fill in for your lack of management skills.  

3. Every meeting in a conference room is a waste of time. EVERY SINGLE MEETING.

It could be productive, has potential but not with an idiot running the meeting. That you manager. 

4- No we don’t want to do secret santa. That’s 30 years ago. We want to go home early and want bonuses. If secret santa delights you, then go to the mall and buy yourself something from the jock strap store, idiot.

5- No. I am not HR. I don’t train new employees. I have enough to do. You train new people. I didn’t sign up to train people. Did my job applications call for training new people? Was that what I got hired to do? NO. You train them.

6- Yes. It’s break time. I get a break. No you don’t get to work me when its my break time. You r problem. You’re the manager. I’m the employee for a reason. You fix it. Not me. 

7. When I’m in the break room, you don’t get to play videos of company propaganda the whole time I’m trying to relax. Keep it to yourself. I’m on break. which means not working. Not company hypnotized. On Break. 

8- When you promote a rookie because they are filling a requirement or part time cheaper than me, you are ruining your chance of having my loyalty. Grow up and pay for quality.

9- Manager- I am not here to be store security. YOU ARE> I am not going to stop a thief or block a shop lifter with my body. They can walk. I’m not paid to be in extra danger. YOU ARE.